Chip classifiers are particle size analyzers that provides data on wood chip sample deviation. It screens and analyses the wood chip particle distribution.

In chemical pulping process the particle size is important, because homogeneous wood chips enable:

– Standardization of the production process
– Predefined cooking time and additive chemical
– Energy need according to recipe

Even quality with repeatable process and predictable costs



FinScreen chip classifiers allows you to analyze product deviation frequently, flexibly, and reliably. This helps to eliminate operator error and bias and ensures that you get what you pay for.

In our product range, we have manual & automated wood chip classification analyzers. Manual analyzers give accurate results and are often used in wood chip handling terminals and production sites.

Chip screening process can be semi automized with a weighting unit. With this unit, operator does not have to manually track the results, but they can be automatically transfer to an existing ERP software.

Automated classification analyzer works independently and unmanned. It enables 24/7 chip screening and analyzing. Robot is replacing the manpower and operator needs only to make sure that there are enough samples in the que.

Screening principle is based on a 120 mm stroke. The frequency is 160 cycles per minute.



A device, that operates according SCAN-CM 40:01 standard, is used to screen wood chips in a pulp mill or wood chip production. The classifier has a flexible layout. Thus, it can be positioned almost anywhere. Furthermore, it is fast to start up and the machine is ready to give extremely accurate screening results the day it arrives.

Technical info

  • Length: 1750 mm
  • Width (doors open): 740 mm (1150mm)
  • Height: 1400 mm
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Motor: 2,2 kW
  • Storke: 120 mm
  • Frequency: 160±10 cycles/min
  • Screen box lock: Magnet 40N
  • Noise emission: <70 dB (A) (1 m distance)
  • Timer: 10 min

Standard Screen Plates

  1. Screen plate, hole 45 mm
  2. Slot tray 8 mm
  3. Screen plate, hole 13 mm
  4. Screen plate, hole 7 mm
  5. Screen plate, hole 3 mm
  6. Fines pan


  • Operation is based on the SCAN-CM 40:1 standard, which ensures accurate and comparable results.

Reliability & Quality

  • Muototerä have more than 30 years of experience in producing chip classification analyzers (way over 100 screens sold worldwide).
  • Reliable, tested and almost maintenance-free design.
  • 12 months warranty, excluding consumables.

Flexibility & Comfort

  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Quiet running noise

Ease of use

  • Simple and safe to use



This weighting unit takes the conventional chip classifying to the next level. It can be used as an extension to manual chip classifier or as a stand-alone system. Together with Muototerä’s chip classifier FinScreen, it will automatically identify screening plates and thus minimize the human error in result tracking. You can get a report in a paper and electric form.


  • Enables electronic recording of data and weighing result transfer to the factory system automatically.


  • Industrial certified scale with 0,1g accuracy
  • Touch screen operating interface with different language options
  • Illustrates the thickness and size distribution
  • Automatic screening box identification
  • Bark content and dry matter weighting options
  • Transfer screening results using Ethernet or print on paper


  • Speeds up processing of chip screening and result management
  • Removes human errors from result documentation

Flexibility & Comfort

  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Can also be added to an old chip classifier


  • Simple and easy to use



An automated robotic system to screen and analyze wood chips in a pulp, paper and sawmill industries. Main purpose is to ensure quality compliance. The automated chip classifier stores 15 samples of wood chips and screens these on its own. You can change the screening order of samples and add or remove samples during operation.


  • Operating cycle of 3 – 4 hours, 100% unmanned:15 samples, á 15 min
  • Minimum risk for fault operations
  • Online helpdesk available
  • Screen based on manual chip classification analyzer


Sample boxes

  • Capacity of 15 screening samples

User interface

  • Adjustable operating settings
  • Windows based user-friendly in-house HMI
  • Connectable to factory reporting systems (ERP)
  • Possibility to tailor software according to Client requirements.
  • Classifying results reported in several forms: Numeric, graphic diagrams, etc.
  • Remote monitoring of operation via log-files
  • 3 different user groups: enables purchased and own production wood chip analyzing and correct data storage

Operating robot

  • Robot operating cell, required space 4m x 4m

Standard screening plates, can be modified according to needs

  • Screen plate, hole 45 mm
  • Slot tray 8 mm
  • Screen plate, hole 13 mm
  • Screen plate, hole 7 mm
  • Screen plate, hole 3 mm
  • Fines pan

Precision scale

  • Industrial certified scale with 0,1g accuracy

Waste removal system

  • Automatic waste removal system included it the system



FinScreen is an automated or manual device to screen wood chips in a pulp mill or wood chip production. Main purpose is to ensure quality compliance: are you getting what you are paying?

Saves money by making sure you will not pay for wrong quality. If you use more than 2M m³ wood in a year, the automatic analyzer can pay your investment back in less than one year. After that, it is pure profit!

The automated chip classifiers store 12 samples of wood chips and analyzes these on its own. You can change the screening order of samples and add or remove samples during operation. The system does not require any operator time during working cycle and this increases screening capacity without additional expenses.

In addition to savings on purchased wood chip, these systems can be used for own production quality control too. Thus, you can have constant quality control with low operating costs.

Yes. Manufacturer has over 30 years experience of chip classifiers (totally way over 100 classifying systems sold). It is reliable, tested and almost service free. The automatic system has a certified accuracy scale with weighing accuracy of 0,1g.

Yes. Well defined and user-friendly operating system guarantees trouble free and reliable operation. Waste removal is executed with screw conveyor to minimize the manual work.

If you go with the manual chip analyzer, you can include to the delivery an automatic weighting unit. This system stores the result data and you can take our hard copies or connect the system to you existing ERP software.

For the automatic analyzer, we have developed a Windows based software for wood chip classifying. This is connectable to factory reporting systems and reports are available in different forms, e.g. numeric or graphic diagrams. Software is easy to use and with user groups you can divide the authority to perform different level functions.

We offer online helpdesk and annual maintenance services to make sure that the system works exactly as you were promised.



Muototerä is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 1953. We have been manufacturing chip classifiers already from the 1980s. To this point, we have sold more than 100 chip analyzing systems all around the world.

In our current portfolio we have manual & automated wood chip classification analyzers and automated weighting unit to maximize manual chip classifier performance. All models are extremely reliable and fulfill the Nordic SCAN standard up to 100%. Also, all other standards can be fulfilled with tailored screening plates, just the way you want them.

By choosing us as your machine provider, you will get complete life cycle solutions that are tested, approved and continuously improved.


1988 – First manual chip classifier is designed and manufactured
2007 – First fully automated chip classification analyzer is commissioned in Finland
2014 – Automatic weighting unit is launched



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